Press Release for Eye Candy Delafield

My designer eye wear client, Eye Candy and Eye Candy Kids in Delafield, Wisconsin was moving to a larger location. Owner, Paula Hornbach asked me to write a press release and pitch the media with this exciting news. The next morning, I received word that it was already published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! Congrats to Paula on making the move to a new larger location in downtown Delafield, and continued success. Need a press release for your business? Need someone to pitch your business to the media for publicity? Contact me at: Read the original release here:


eye candy logo

Press Release: Naples Historical Society Names Reed President/CEO


With the promotion of Executive Director, Elaine Reed to President/ CEO of the Naples Historical Society, I wrote a press release and released a picture to the media outlets.  Need a press release for your business? Want to pitch the media on your business or special event? Contact me at