Senior Voice Over “Overture” Retirement Community

I was hired as the senior voice for this retirement community. I have many senior voice styles to choose from. Ask me for a demo. Hire me for your next project.


Telephone Message on Hold for Eyecandy and Eyecandy Kids Delafield

Eye Candy wanted a message on hold and music for their clients to listen to while they were on hold. The music they had was downloaded at the factory and came with their phones. It wasn’t exactly music they felt was right for their image. Plus if they had a chance to give customers more information about their business, sales, branding, inventory, they felt it would be a way to inform and sell to clients. They decided to go with 4 messages a year. One generic, (which you can hear a small sample of at the bottom of this post), one for their “One Day Sale” and one for their “Spoil Yourself Rotten” sale, (which will play the month leading up to those sales). They also chose a “Holiday” message to thank clients for their business. Although Eye Candy didn’t have a dedicated phone system, their store bought phones were compatible with message on hold. What do your customers hear while on hold? To hear more samples, get tips to write your script and more, visit my website at

Owner Paula Hornbeck inside her store Eyecandy in Delafield

Owner Paula Hornbeck inside her store Eyecandy in Delafield