Press Release for Eye Candy Delafield

My designer eye wear client, Eye Candy and Eye Candy Kids in Delafield, Wisconsin was moving to a larger location. Owner, Paula Hornbach asked me to write a press release and pitch the media with this exciting news. The next morning, I received word that it was already published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! Congrats to Paula on making the move to a new larger location in downtown Delafield, and continued success. Need a press release for your business? Need someone to pitch your business to the media for publicity? Contact me at: Read the original release here:


eye candy logo

Eyecandy One Day Sale “Stodgy Eyewear”:60 Radio

Eyecandy is having their annual one day sale and this calls for something completely different. Here is their latest radio commercial. My team wrote and produced this for the client. Need a new radio commercial for your company? See my website at

Just Look at Yourself!

Just Look at Yourself!